Remote Computer Support Technicians

Welcome to Golden Shield

Golden Shield is your “one stop shop” for malware removal, internet and PC troubleshooting.

Golden Shield supports a wide variety of customers, from home users looking for affordable assistance with virus or spyware removal, to Internet Service Providers searching for an outsourcing alternative that can provide efficient technical support with a friendly smile.

Golden Shield can provide a simple solution, where others may only find frustration.

Computer Support

"I am well satisfied with the service that I received from your staff. I'm glad that they are there 24/7. My security blanket. Thank you."
- Richard S.

"I have used your help desk a lot and have always been very satisfied. I don't know what I would do without this service."
- Gary M.

"A huge thank you to Justin for taking the time in helping me solve the problem. Justin was very patient, kind, easy to understand and made sure the problem was resolved before I disconnected. Thank You!"
- LuAnne J

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