Anywhere Support

Anywhere Support

The Golden Shield Anywhere Support is an experience far different from what our competitors have to offer. We at Golden Shield promise to deliver the ultimate customer experience.Customer support service, here when you need it.

Our technicians are A+ certified to ensure they are experts in the field. On top of the ongoing technical training to ensure that we are staying on top of the fast moving technology world, our techs also have extensive customer service training. Your satisfaction in your time of trouble is our top priority. All of our techs are also located right here in the US. We do not outsource any of our support.

We here at Golden Shield take customer privacy very seriously. Our techs are also trained to avoid situations where there are customer privacy risks. Rest assured that your personal data is safe and secure with our service.

The biggest advantage of using our service is that there is no need to spend the time crawling around your desk, unplugging components to prepare to take your computer into a shop. With our service, simply give us a call and we will walk you through the process to get us connected and let us do the rest! There is no need for you to be present during the process so you can continue on with your day to day task while we fix your PC problems. After the repair is complete, we will talk you through what was done to resolve the issue and offer advice to prevent the issue from occurring again.

Because of the amazing capabilites of our software, this is even available for dial up subscribers with limited bandwidth.

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