Remote Access powered by BomgarRemote Access

Remote Access is a cutting edge remote assistance product, powered by Bomgar, which enables our technicians to remotely control your computer over the Internet.

With Bomgar, we can provide remote support a wide variety of devices, everything from desktop computers, to smart phones and - all from one screen! Bomgar works on Windows, Mac OS, Windows Mobile 6, BlackBerry and multiple Linux distributions.

Remote Support CrewSecurity
Bomgar makes remote support secure, integrated and manageable. It integrates with identity management, gives managers complete visibility into support activity. Includes powerful tools for technicians and automates redundant tasks.

You support more than just Windows, but most remote control tools do not. Bomgar gives you remote access to all the platforms you support, inside or outside the network. And it works on both attended and unattended computers and servers.

With Bomgar, you can reduce phone support and drive all requests through the web. Create queues to route requests, offer chat support from your website before remote control or deploy custom portals for each group or product supported.

Remote SupportMulti-Use
Multiple groups across your organization can use Bomgar. Achieve better utilization, improve productivity and enable collaboration without skyrocketing costs. Your service desk, IT team, customer support and vendors can all use Bomgar.