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VIPRE Is Antivirus Certified
The movies have their Oscars. Cars have the JD Power Awards. Antivirus products have their so-called 'VB100' Certification, awarded by the world's premier virus certification lab: Virus Bulletin. Only antivirus programs that catch all the viruses they test for are getting the prestigious VB100 award. VIPRE is VB100 certified and confirmed to give you world-class quality in detecting and removing malware. VIPRE is also ICSA and West Coast Labs Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop certified, and continues to get additional certifications through other certifying bodies.Hazmat on Laptop

Virus Bulletin said in their VIPRE review (tested on Windows 7): "The WildList proved no obstacle despite the set of tricky Virut samples, and with no false positives either VIPRE earns a VB100 on its first appearance; we hope to see many more."

VIPRE Is The 'Porsche' Of Antivirus
A few words about our "best-of-breed" focus. VIPRE Antivirus Premium combines antivirus, antispyware, a leading-edge 2-way firewall, anti-rootkit, and other advanced security technologies into a small, seamless, tightly-integrated product. You can see VIPRE as the "Porsche" of antivirus, it's got "everything you need, nothing you don't." We don't bog down your system with a lot of additional tools which may slow down your PC. Building VIPRE, we focused on the core functionality to provide you with the the best possible user experience. VIPRE has 96% customer satisfaction, our tech support is right here in the U.S., and VIPRE has the lowest surveyed customer infection rate of any AV vendor.

How much of your PC is being hijacked by antivirus bloatware ?
Over time, instead of writing new and better software, old-style antivirus companies have stacked layer upon layer of security engines on top of each other, (one for viruses, a second for spyware, a third engine for rootkits, a fourth for malicious web links and so on) and created bloatware in the process. They slow down your PC, have slow scan times and cause performance problems.

Safe computerWhy are hardware vendors pre-installing antivirus bloatware on your new PC, Laptop and Netbook?
Have you ever asked yourself why your PC or Laptop vendor would slow down their new machines on purpose by pre-installing software that can hijack up to 20% of your new PC's resources? Here is the dirty little secret of the industry: The big antivirus companies pay hardware vendors 7 or 8 bucks for every machine they pre-install antivirus bloatware on, hoping you will renew their software after the first few months free. It's time to uninstall those resource hogs and get VIPRE instead. It's simply a better product at a lower price. And you'll love your faster PC.

Thought you could rely on the free Windows firewall? Nope.
Unfortunately, the Windows firewall gives you a false sense of security. It only protects incoming traffic, and by default allows all outgoing traffic. That means outgoing browser traffic, which could contain your credit card info, social security number, bank accounts, passwords and other confidential information is not protected. The Windows firewall will let it all go out (in XP, Vista, and Windows7).

VIPRE: Weapons-grade 2-way Firewall Comes With Rottweiler
With the VIPRE Antivirus Premium version you get a 2-way desktop firewall, and additional, more advanced intrusion protection. See it like this. The firewall is like having all your doors and windows upgraded and equipped with new state-of-the art locks. But a burglar could throw a brick through the back window and wreak havoc inside. That's why people have burglar alarms, often with motion detectors. VIPRE's firewall is like your PC's new strong doors, windows and locks. But Internet traffic does need to get through, because you want to browse the web. So that is why VIPRE's advanced intrusion protection is there as a super burglar alarm that has the added benefit that it can stop an attacker in their tracks.Think 'Rottweiler in the house'. And if you just want a firewall and not worry about anything else, all you need to do is keep the firewall enabled in the default 'Simple Mode'.Network Security Diagram

Web Filtering Technologies:
VIPRE Antivirus Premium will look at all the web traffic that comes in and filters it for security. There are several features that protect you:
- Ad blocking - Block malicious or third-party advertisements
- Bad URL blocking - Bad website blocking
- Anti-phishing - Blocks access to known phishing websites
- Boot time firewall - To prevent malware from executing, the Boot Time feature limits access on your PC to only certain resources upon loading.