Virtual ISPVirtual ISP Overview

A Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP) is a company that purchases Internet products and services from another company in a different location, and then resells those services to their own customers. In today's competitive environment, companies succeed by offering a wide variety of Internet products and services to their customers. Golden West Internet Solutions (GWIS) gives you the advantage of offering these products and services without the need to invest in expensive equipment and technical support personnel, and the day to day distractions of managing a back office. GWIS gives your company the ability to resell a comprehensive suite of solutions, allowing you to become a Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP).

The Customer Care Center is a proprietary software suite created by GWIS that allows our VISP partner companies to effectively provision & manage their Internet customers and services through a password protected website. Your customers will be able to purchase a wide variety of Internet products and services from your company and GWIS will be behind the scenes, invisible to the customer, making these services work.

Here are a few of the many advantages GWIS brings to your company:Running like clockwork

We understand that each of our VISP partners has different needs; therefore we offer a variety of options for bundling our services to best fit your requirements. Your company will be able to sell these services as branded products to your Internet customers. Our VISP services will increase your profitability as well as eliminate a number of the costs and headaches involved with maintaining Internet service.

GWIS is a financially stable and growing Internet Service Provider. We are a progressive company, always researching and testing new product offerings. We only offer for sale to our wholesale partners those products that prove viable and that we indeed sell ourselves at the retail level. Many companies large and small have chosen to purchase our VISP products and services. Whether your company's needs include transitioning existing Internet customers, or starting from scratch with Internet services, Golden West Internet Solutions delivers a suite of first rate VISP products and has the know-how to put them to work for you!