Virus DefenseVirus Defense

Today's Internet environment is full of risks, and we at Golden Shield understand the need to provide protection for the end customer. To ensure your customer receives a full suite of protection we have partnered with GFI Software to provide VIPRE Antivirus Premium.

VIPRE Antivirus Premium is high-performance antivirus + antispyware software with an integrated firewall. It doesn't slow down your PC like other antivirus products. The press loves it, and VIPRE has been VB100 and ICSA certified, which means you get world-class anti-malware protection. Protect your PC from 'being owned' by bad guys with our free (registered) full-function 30-day trial!

Virus word collageTired of that old (free) antivirus program that makes your PC slow down to a crawl? Interrupting what you are doing with slow scan times, causing problems and nagging you? Time for a change to next-generation antivirus with a firewall that IS NOT a resource hog.

Kiss your antivirus bloatware goodbye!

The Press Loves It
ZDNet said in their security blog about the VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware (the one without firewall): "Sunbelt Software's VIPRE - I've finally found an antivirus package that delivers the goods. In a follow-up posting they did a performance shoot-out and concluded: "Sunbelt Software's claim that VIPRE doesn't hog system resources and doesn't slow down a PC isn't just marketing hyperbole but is actually true."VIPRE Overview

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